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There are few things more annoying than climbing into your car to run a quick errand, only to find that your windshield is completely misted over. Unfortunately, car windows fog up in the winter frequently, causing a temporary—but still frustrating—obstruction to your vision. 

While most people remedy this problem by blasting the defroster until the fog clears, that might not be the best way to keep windows from fogging up. Here, we’re explaining why car windows fog up and giving tips for preventing car windows from fogging up. 

Why Do My Car Windows Fog Up?

Car windows fog up when there is a difference in humidity level on the inside versus the outside of your car. For instance, on a steamy summer morning, your windows may fog up because the interior of your car is cooler and drier than the outside air. Conversely, on a chilly winter’s day, your car windows will likely fog up because the outside air is much colder and drier than the air inside your car. 

In both of these scenarios, condensation forms on the window glass facing the side with more humidity, thus making it fog over. So when you’re blasting the air conditioning on a hot and muggy day, the fog on your windshield and windows rests on the outside of your car. When you crank up the heat in the winter, however, fog forms on the inside of your car windows.

5 Best Ways to Keep Car Windows from Fogging Up

Do your car windows keep fogging up? You’ll want to fix this pesky problem fast.  Because whether fog sits inside or outside of your windows, it still produces the same effect: hazardous, limited viewing conditions. Read on for tips for preventing car windows from fogging up, so you can hit the road safely. 

  1. Blast the air conditioning on in the winter. While it may sound unappealing on a cold winter’s day, a brief cool-down can pay off with clear windows. Here’s why: turning on the air conditioning will lower your car’s temperature, thus reducing the condensation collecting inside of your car. Air conditioning also dries out the air in your car, therefore lowering the internal humidity level and reducing fog. Once your windows clear up, you can switch back to heat.
  2. Turn off recirculating air vents. If you don’t want to crank the A/C in the winter, this is a much more comfortable option for keeping car windows from fogging up in the winter. Start by blasting the defroster on hot air; this will evaporate the mist on your windshield, allowing you to see more clearly. Then turn on the heat in your car, but make sure to turn off the recirculating air button. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your car will pull in the colder, drier air from outside, rather than reusing the humid air inside of your car. The result? Clear windows without the chill. 
  3. Pump the heat in the summer. Like blasting A/C in the winter, turning on the heat in the summer sounds like an awful idea. However, the same logic applies here: by turning on the heat, you’ll raise your car’s temperature to match the outside temperature, which will therefore reduce the amount of condensation on the outside of your car windows. Once the windows have de-fogged, you can switch back to air conditioning. 
  4. Use your windshield wipers (in the summer). If it’s hotter outside than inside your car, the simplest defogging solution is to wipe away the condensation with your windshield wipers. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t stop car windows from fogging up in the winter.
  5. Crack your windows. This may be a more pleasant option than turning on the air in the winter or heat in the summer. Rolling down or cracking your car windows allows the outside air to flow in, thus balancing the internal and external temperatures of the car. Just be sure that your windows aren’t frozen shut before attempting to roll them down.

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