Toyota Reduces, Reuses and Recycles

From the aerodynamic constitution and green performance technology of its hybrid vehicles to its sustainable facility practices, Toyota works to create harmony between nature and machine. And while many auto manufacturers have joined the green movement over the years, Toyota was one of the first, and to this day, it continues to envision new, innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprints and keep our planet green and prosperous for future generations to enjoy.


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Make a Stop at Lone Star Toyota of Lewisville This Black Friday and You Won't Be Disappointed


For avid shoppers, Black Friday is as much of a holiday as any. Incredible savings and a chance to chip away at the holiday shopping list--it's a shopping paradise. And while your favorite apparel, department and tech stores are often the first thing to come to mind when envisioning how you might tackle this year's holiday, we at Lone Star Toyota of Lewisville suggest you consider adding an additional stop to your Friday adventures.

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