Tire Service

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Benefits of Tire Service

Rotating and balancing your tires evens out tread wear and gives you many extra miles of service. After a collision, an expert wheel alignment will keep your steering precise and avoid excess wear on your tires. Properly inflated tires with plenty of tread will provide safer braking and more economical driving.

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Our dealership’s certified technicians can evaluate the condition of your tires and interpret tread wear patterns that indicate other problems with the vehicle. They have the expertise to work on all makes and models, and our tire store stocks a large inventory for your convenience.

Tires can suffer from uneven wear, scalloping, saw-toothed edges, dipping, cupping and many other problems. Our technicians are trained to recognize different wear patterns and make recommendations to fix the underlying causes. We can replace old or punctured tires, rotate and balance your current tires, and fix any front-end alignment problems.

Tire Service

Our technicians use the most modern diagnostic equipment to keep your tires and wheels in good working order. If your wheels, axles or other assemblies need replacement parts, you’ll be happy to know that we use one quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts that meet the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer. If you need to replace tires, our Tire Center can provide with a range of makes and styles sized perfectly for your wheels. Whether you are looking for long tread wear, superior performance or low prices, come to Lone Star Toyota for all your tire service needs.