What Do the Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

February 12th, 2019 by

2019 Toyota Corolla Dashboard

When one of your dashboard warning lights comes on, it may be a good idea to get yourself to your local Lewisville Toyota service center right away. However, the urgency of the issue you’re facing could vary significantly, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what each of the Toyota warning lights is trying to tell you. Get a sense of how you should respond by reading on.

What Should I Do When a Toyota Warning Light Turns On?

With numerous warning lights on your dashboard, figuring out what to do when one lights up can make for a very stressful experience! Save time and energy by referencing this basic guide:


Toyota ABS Light
ABS Warning Light: If your anti-lock brake system or brake assist system is malfunctioning, you’ll notice the letters ABS, circled and lit up, on your dash. If your brakes are in trouble, visiting a service center right away is of the utmost importance.
Toyota Charging System Warning Light
Charging System Warning Light: The charging system light looks like a glowing battery. It should light up for a few seconds every time you start your vehicle, but if it stays on for a longer period of time, you probably need a new battery. Modern charging systems are complex, so be sure to get your car checked out by an expert before making the purchase.
Toyota Maintenance Required Light
Maintenance Required Light: In most cases, the indicator that lets you know when it’s time for maintenance appears as “MAINT REQD” on your dashboard. This indicator refers to important regular service tasks, like oil changes and tire rotation, and it won’t necessarily light up every time a problem arises which needs to be attended to.
Toyota EPS Warning Light
Electric Power Steering Light: Most modern vehicles depend on power steering. If your dashboard displays a steering wheel next to an exclamation point, you may be experiencing serious issues. Start by checking your power steering fluid levels, and replenishing them if necessary. If the light stays on, it’s time to see an expert.
Toyota Fuel Level Warning Light
Fuel Warning Light: We’ve almost all seen this gas-pump shaped light go on at one point or another! If it’s lit up on your dashboard, there’s nothing serious to worry about. It’s simply time to stop for gas.
Toyota Low Oil Pressure Warning Light
Low Oil Pressure Light: The low oil pressure light, which looks like a fuel canister with a drop of oil coming out of the end, often indicates an emergency situation. A sudden or enduring drop in oil pressure could cause irreversible, long-term damage to your engine, so if you see this light turn on, pull over right away and check your levels — and visit a service center ASAP.
Toyota Low Wiper Fluid Light
Low Wiper Fluid Light: If a glowing windshield lights up on your dash, you’re running low on windshield wiper fluid. While this isn’t necessarily an emergency, visibility is one of the most important factors ensuring your safety, and you’ll want to replace the fluid as soon as possible.
Toyota Slip Indicator Light
Slip Warning Light: If your Toyota vehicle detects that you’re in danger of losing your grip, you’ll see this light, which shows a vehicle and an S-shaped track pattern. It lets you know that your vehicle stability control and/or traction control features are working to keep you in control.

Toyota Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire Pressure Warning Light: Few drivers spend much time thinking about their tires, but there’s no denying that they’re important! If you see this horseshoe-shaped light with an exclamation point in the center, exercise extreme caution until you can refill your tires or have them replaced at a local tire center.

SRS Warning Light

SRS Warning Light: Indicates a malfunction in either the SRS airbag system, the passenger occupant classification system, of the seatbelt pretensioner system.

Toyota Check Engine Light
Check Engine Light: The Check Engine light could indicate any number of problems, and most are too complex for a driver to diagnose on their own. It could indicate anything from a loose gas cap to a failing serpentine belt, a broken oxygen sensor, or something even more serious.
Toyota Doors Open Light
Doors Open Light: Indicates when a door or multiple doors of your Toyota vehicle are open.

System Indicators

Some of your Toyota dashboard lights aren’t really warnings at all: they simply tell you which of your features are engaged! You’ll have indicators for your headlights, cruise control, turn signals, airbags, and more.

Toyota Turn Signal IndicatorTurn Signal Indicator
TRAC OFF Indicator
TRAC OFF Indicator
VSC OFF Indicator
VSC OFF Indicator
SRS Airbag On-Off Indicator
SRS Airbag On-Off Indicator
Smart Key Security Indicator
Smart Key Security Indicator
High Beam Headlight Indicator
High Beam Headlight Indicator

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